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1. Content and form of our online presence 
The author of this Website can not be held responsible for the provided information, not regarding to its quality, nor regarding to its completeness, its timeliness or its correctness. Generally, no liability claims against the author are possible, when they refer to materialistic or ideational damage, that was caused by the use or by the non-use of the provided information, if there is no proof of intentional or careless actions by the author. The author preserves his right to change, complement or delete parts of the website or the entire website without any sort of notice. Furthermore, the author preserves his right to shut down the publication of the website temporary or forever at any time.

2. References and links
In case of indirect or direct reference to foreign websites („links“), the author can’t be held responsible for the content of those pages, if he was not aware of its content and if it would have been impossible and unreasonable for him to prevent the illegal use of said content. Hereby, the author declares expressly, that, by the time of pasting the link, there was no sign of illegal content on the pages. The author has no influence of the current nor the future content management of the pages of their creator ship. Therefore, the author distances himself hereby expressly from all linked pages and their content, which were changed after the time of pasting the links. This claim is valid for all pasted links as well as for the comment functions set by the author. In case of false, illegal or incomplete content or damage that was caused by the use or non-use of the content, all liability claims must be directed towards the author of the linked pages and not towards the author that is only referring to them. 

3. Copyright and Trademark Law
All used images, audio files, video sequences are either created by the author or public domain. Furthermore, all brand and trade marks are subject to the conditions of the related trade mark law as well as to the right of possession of the listed owner, without limitation. For objects that were released and created by the author, the author remains the copyright for said objects. Without explicit permission of the author, any kind of duplication or use in electronic or printed form is prohibited.

4. Voluntarily entry of personal data
Personal data, such as e-mail address or name, are required on several pages. The entry of said data happens expressly by the free will of the user.

5. Legal effect of this disclaimer
This disclaimer refers to the website which was linked to this page. In case that single parts or phrases of this text are not subject to the prevailing legal norms, the content of the text in its completeness is still valid. 

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