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FAQ - Häufig gestellte Fragen

  • What do I need to take into consideration when traveling to Costa Rica?
    When you enter as a tourist with a German passport, you do not need to apply for a visa. As a tourist you can stay in Costa Rica for 3 months, after that period you will need to exit the country again. Never the less there are important elements which need to be considerd. A travel insurance that also includes travel cancelation insurance is advisable. You can get further information under Tips and Info in the menur.
  • How can Kalkonu provide consultation when the headquarters are located in Costa Rica?
    Obviously service is a key element for us. We consult via mail and phone calls. We are happy to call you since personal contact is a priority for us. Due to time difference we are eager to set time aside and make an appointment for us to talk which is convenient for both parties. If you have any questions, please never hesitate to contact us.
  • Is it safe to travel through Costa Rica by rental car?
    It is generally safe to travel by rental car but you should be aware of some differences to using a rental car in Germany. The streets are different from German standards and you should always plan with more time to travel. The highways are limited to two lanes and especially in the heart of the country the streets only have one lane. That is why you will need more time even though the country is relatively small. The good thing is that you will almost always be surrounded by nature when driving. In the inland you won’t be able to drive too fast but you will have better streets which will make driving a whole new experience. A trip with a rental car is definitely worth it.
  • Are there dangerous animals in Costa Rica?
    Like in other tropical countries there are toxic animals in Costa Rica. Seeing them is very rare. Since Costa Rica is rich in species you will find many insects, some of them which carry poison. This poison won’t kill you, only in case of infection it can provoke complications. Snakes are mostly only in the rain forests and will only be seen with an experienced guide. Also tarantulas are very rare to be seen. Always remember that the animals are happy to have their own space and will only attack humans when they feel threatened. Therefore you do not need to fear the species in the country. You should only be prepared to encounter different species, especially insects. It is rare that animals appear at you hotel since they are mainly protected. When you experience stings or bites you will definitely find help due to a good health care in Costa Rica. Our motto is: live and let live!
  • How do I protect myself from insect bites?
    Especially in the inland you should protect yourself from biting insects. The itchyness can be very annoying. You should therefore use bug spray. You don't need to buy an expensive brand- In Germany there a many inexpensive options that will provide good protection. You can also find good bug spray in Costa Rica. You will get more information in drug stores and pharmacies.
  • What is the local currency in Costa Rica?
    The currency used in Costa Rica are colones which is a stable currency. 1 euro are approximately 650 colones. You can also pay in US dollar or euro but it is handy to always have a few colones with you. Money can be exchanged at the airport or in the bank in Costa Rica. In hotels and bigger restaurants you can also pay by credit card but be aware that there might be some charges.
  • What is the best time to observe turtles or wales?
    Many animals, mainly birds and insects, can be seen all year round in Costa Rica. All of the National parks are a perfect base for animal watching. If you want to see turtles hatching you might get lucky in the months from March to June. This natural wonder can be experienced on the Caribbean coast. Wales are mostly seen in the months from August to October on the pacific coast. But if you are lucky you can witness the giant creatures in the rest of the year as well. Dolphins can be seen on either side of the coast all year round.
  • What is the meaning of the costa rican flag?
    There were many changes in the flag of Costa Rica. The current flag has been established in 1998. The order of the stripes was introduced in 1848. The colors are related to the former Central American confederation. The white symbolizes both, the connection between South and North America, as well as peace. The blue stripes symbolize the Caribbean and the Pacific oceans. The red color is a symbol for the daily work in the country. The design is influenced by the french revolution.
  • Are there popular sports in Costa Rica?
    The most common and most liked sport is without a doubt soccer. You will see soccer fields everywhere in the country because ticos love to play this sport in their free time. They grow up with soccer, no matter if they play ball in a sports club or with friends on the weekends. Especially the sport clubs of Bavaria and Dortmund are well known in Costa Rica. Surfing is another well liked sport here, especially for people who live on the Caribbean coast. Sport enthusiasts from all over the world come here to surf the best waves. In the inland you will find many people biking. The mountains invite with their biking trails and amazing views. A country full of varieties when it comes to sports.
  • What is the meaning of Pura Vida?
    Translated Pura Vida means the pure life. Costa Rica is a country with very happy and joyful people. Even though they don't have Western standars here, they are simply happy with what they have. The lust for life is one characteristic which makes this country so amazing and unique. Often the expression is also used in terms of hello and good bye. Being happy is not the goal, it is a way of life. Experience the Pura Vida spirit during your trip!
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