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In the year of 1524, Christoph Columbus discovered the country on his travels between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribean, He named it Costa Rica which can be translated with rich coast. Unfortunately, the hoped mineral resources did not exist. In 1560, Cartago was appointed as the capital which is up to date a beautiful city that hasn’t lost its flair. Between the 17th and the 18th century the central valley was first populated by the Europeans. While the population was very low in the beginning, the country rapidly gained more people. A milestone for a multicultural country was set.



Costa Rica made their way to become a democracy which was not easy. Afterwards there were many changes in the political system. But despite of several riots the country was able to remain their democratic rights. Between 1869 and 1941 several milestones can be noted - for example the introduction of free and mandatory primary schooling, women's suffrage, abolition of death penalty as well as the determination of working hours. The form of government was even kept after civil war of 1948 and Costa Rica was able to develop to a peaceful and multicultural state.



In 1737, San Jose was founded, but back then the city was named ‘Villa Nueva de la Boca del Monte’ which means new home at the mouth of the mountain. Nowadays, San Jose has many facets and is the capital of the country. Costa Rica became an independent state in 1823. This was also the year when San Jose became the new capital of the country. The state was built on the principals of democracy which is why the two Providences Nicoya and Guanacaste decided to join Costa Rica and its values in 1858.



Costa Rica is a country full of joy and offers a large range of different regions. The locals, also known as ticos, are very warm-hearted and enjoy the pura vida lifestyle- the pure life. The great atmosphere is contagious and will help making you feel welcome at all times. The unique nature is fascinating and it is hard to find words for its beauty. There is almost no other country that has such a big wildlife and also rain forests and volcanoes. Costa Rica is also blessed with dazzling beaches. One thing that makes the country so special here is the people who live in keeping with the nature.

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