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Hotel Villa Colon

Hotel Villa Colon is offering a cozy atmosphere, located near a number of attractions in Costa Rica.
Location: Ciudad Colon
Highlights: Nature, central location, 20km away from the SJO airport

Finca Mei Tai.jpg

Finca Mei Tai

Finca Mei Tai is the perfect base for exploring the National Park. Enjoy a view into nature from the pool.
Location: Bijagua
Highlights: National Park, familiar atmosphere, nature 

Maquenque Eco Lodge.jpg

Maquenque Lodge

Maquenque Eco-Lodge is located in the heart of a wonderful stream landscape, close to the Nicaraguan border.
Location: San Carlos
Highlights: Tree houses, reservation, rain forest

Belmar Hotel.jpg

Belmar Hotel

Hotel Belmar offers a mountain cabin style. Enjoy a view that reaches all the way to the golf of Nicoya.
Location: Monteverde
Highlights: Landscape, comfort, Austrian style



The location of Manos Hotel is known for its waterfalls and tropical forests. Relax and enjoy several attraction.
Location: Uvita
Highlights: Beach, amazing flora and fauna 

Mawamba Lodge.jpg

Mawamba Lodge

Mawamba Lodge is located right by the beach and is perfect for observing turtles, given it is the right season. 
Location: Tortuguero
Highlights: Canals, richness in species 

Selva Bananito Lodge.jpg

Selva Bananito

Selva Bananito Lodge is lead in an ecological way. Experience nature very closely.
Location: Cahuita
Highlights: Unique animals and nature

Casa Batsú.jpg

Casa Batsu

The Bed & Breakfast Casa Batsu has a perfect location, close to Santa Elena. Feel like at home.
Location: Monteverde
Highlights: little amount of rooms, big breakfast

Macaw Lodge.jpg

Macaw Lodge

Macaw Lodge is located near the Carara National Park. Here you will discover beautiful grounds with vegetable and fruit plantation.
Location: Carara
Highlight: Nature, waterfall, former farm

Playa Cativo Lodge.jpg

Playa Cativo Lodge

Playa Cativo Lodge is located near the peninsula de Osa, not far from Blancas National Park. Prepare yourself for exciting hikes.
Location: Golfo Dulce
Highlights: Luxury, beach

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