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Ever since 2001, Katja is working as a Costa Rica specialist and therefore knows every single hidden gem of the country. With her former husband, she founded Kalkonu Travel in 2009 and is leading the company successfully ever since. Always considerate of a respectful encounter between the guests and the beauty of Costa Rican nature. It is very important to Katja that the traveled nature is protected and preserved. She is also a very proud mother to her daughter Kira.

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Yosselin joins the office team in January 2019. She already has years of experience in toursimus, as she started at the age of 18 in the first incoming agency. Yosselin has thus already experienced all areas of a local travel agency and is very professional. She is our deputy manager and knows how to answer all questions. She spends her free time with her husband and child.

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Armando is the youngest in the team and completed his final internship of the school 2020 with us and inspired us so much about himself and his work that he has since been working as an accountant here and studying at the same time.
Since he joined our team and is indirectly involved in tourism, Armando has gained many new impressions of his own country. Together with his parents, 3 siblings and his girlfriend of many years he would like to discover Costa Rica.

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Emilia, called Emi by all of us, is originally from the province of Guanacaste and came to San Jose at the age of 17 to study tourism, thanks to a scholarship. Because of this she has a lot of experience in all areas of tourism and currently supports the team in the product area and is also responsible for the implementation of a new software. Her one and only are her two children. In her free time Emi loves mountain biking. 

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Jesica can look back on over 20 years of experience in tourism. She has been with Kalkonu Travel since it was founded. She heads the accounting department. Jesica has control over everything and she doesn't miss a single detail. Her favorite place in Costa Rica is Sarapiqui, where she likes to spend the weekends with her two children and partner.

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Our second is Katja, from Switzerland, yet living in Costa Rica since 2013.Following her love, she is enjoying our tropical climate as a mother of two today.
Her absolute favorite are the less explored southern areas.Drake's Bay for example.A magical place with unique nature and incredible ist ein magischer Ort, mit einer einzigartigen Natur und man kann unglaublich viele verschiedene Tiere entdecken, sei es im Wasser oder im Dschungel.

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Maria has been with Kalkonu since 2012 and is responsible for the well-being of the entire team. She takes care of everything, from sharing breakfast to cleaning the offices. It is important to her not to pollute the environment and not to waste water. Her loving and always friendly nature enriches our team from the very beginning.

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Kira was born in Germany in 2011 but lives in Costa Rica since she was two months old. Katja is a very proud mother to her. Kira fills the office with joy and inspiration. She loves wandering through nature barefooted while she is observing all sorts of animals. She is the perfect mix of german and Costa Rican impacts.

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