Ever since 2001, Katja is working as a Costa Rica specialist and therefore knows every single hidden gem of the country. With her former husband, she founded Kalkonu Travel in 2009 and is leading the company successfully ever since. Always considerate of a respectful encounter between the guests and the beauty of Costa Rican nature. It is very important to Katja that the traveled nature is protected and preserved. She is also a very proud mother to her daughter Kira.


Jesica has over 20 years of experience in tourism. She is part of Kalkonu Travel since its foundation. She is head of the accounting. Jesica is always in control and never misses a detail. Her favorite spot in Costa Rica is Sarapiqui where she often spends her weekends with her two children and partner.


Marie came to Costa Rica in 2016 and fell in love with the country. She is working for Kalkonu Travel since June of 2017 and responsible for designing individual journeys and customer service. Marie has a direct and honest nature. She puts a lot of detail into her work and advises the customers frankly and honestly. In her free time, she enjoys hiking and exploring the rivers and mountains of Costa Rica with her boyfriend and her dog.


In 2018 Marike did an internship at Kalkonu Travel and liked it so much that she decided to come and work full-time in our sales department. She studied tourism in Germany and has already seen plenty of the country’s beauty during her internship. With her hearty and happy nature, she is advising our clients via phone and e-mail. She likes the relaxed nature of the ticos and is always down for a nice chat.


Rebeca started working for Kalkonu in the beginning of 2018. She supports the sales departments by checking availability and designing individual journeys. She is a young and smart woman who has a keen perception. Rebeca also studies German at evening school so she can advise our clients in the near future. She loves discovering new places and enjoys Costa Ricas unique nature.


Yosselin completes our team since January of 2019. She has yearlong experience in tourism since she started working for incoming agencies at the age of 18. Therefore, Yosselin knows all departments of a travel agency and works very professionally. She is head of our reservations department and also responsible for creating new travel routes and calculations. She loves to spend her free time with husband and child.


Gabriel started working at Kalkonu Travel in June of 2018 and supports the reservation departments. He is responsible for the correct bookings of all services which generates a smooth flow of our trips. Alongside working, he studies English and loves to play basketball in his free time. His helpful and positive nature is a pleasure to work with.


Mariela is working for Kalkonu Travel since October of 2018 and is responsible for the coordination of our group trips. She is in constant contact with the agencies in Europe and makes sure that the group trips will be the perfect travel experience for the guests. Alongside working, she also studies management and likes to spend her free time with family and friends.


Claudia started working at the office in November of 2018 and is responsible for all outgoing payments, social security and registration of payments in our system. She is a young, hard working woman, who studies accounting alongside work. She enjoys the costa rican lust for life while dancing and listening to music.

When Alexa started working for Kalkonu Travel in January of 2018, she was the assistant of the accounting department. By now, she works independently on all incoming payments, audits as well as human resources. Alexa is always up for a joke and has inherited the accuracy and readiness of mind of her mother. Alongside work, she studies to be a nurse. On the weekends she loves hanging out with friends or family.


Jose is part of the Kalkonu Travel team since 2016. With his detailed and accurate work attitude, he takes care of the data base. Furthermore, he helps in setting up our computers with his technical know-how. During the summers he makes everyone jealous with beautiful sunset photos, taken from his porch.


Kira was born in Germany in 2011 but lives in Costa Rica since she was two months old. Katja is a very proud mother to her. Kira fills the office with joy and inspiration. She loves wandering through nature barefooted while she is observing all sorts of animals. She is the perfect mix of german and Costa Rican impacts.


Maria is taking care of our entire team since the year of 2012. She is responsible for everyone and everything, from our daily breakfasts together to keeping our office space clean and organized. Not to pollute the enviornment and saving water are very important key elements to her personally. Her loving and friendly spirit enriches our crew on a daily basis.

The Kalkonu team
The Kalkonu team

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The Kalkonu team
The Kalkonu team

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The Kalkonu team
The Kalkonu team

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The Kalkonu team
The Kalkonu team

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