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Here at Kalkonu we are a young international team which is connected by one major goal. We have made it our priority to create the perfect trip for your wishes and needs with the highest sustainable standards. Costumer satisfaction and service are key elements during this process. We are happy to assist you with any questions before, during and after your travels. Our multilingual team is always there for you. With fun and diligence, we are working on creating an unforgettable trip for you. 



Our mission is to create outstanding  journeys for our clients. A honest consultation is essential to us. We create individual and personalized journeys that reflect the true nature of the country.  In addition, we work with the highest standards regarding the offered services, consulations and tour guides. We want to provide first class memories in balance with adventure and relaxation but also in consideration of enviromental education and sensitization for the importance of sustainable action.



Multiple values are set as priorities here at Kalkonu: Besides responsibilty, exceptional costumer service, efficiency, proactivity, loyalty and working independently are honesty and sustainability our highest values. We love what we do and are designated to our country. Therefore it is important to us to work with partners that share the same values as we do. The trust in our partners motivates us to stick to our values. The love for what we do is reflected in all of our actions. Our open mindset towards our clients in comparison with a responsible attitude towards Costa Rica helps us to reach our goals. Sustainable tourism is not only good for the natural surroundings but also for the entire country. We support these ideas and are therefore able to offer sustainable travel options.



Our vision is to have a good reputation as a socially and enviromentally responsible acting travel agency. Always organized and honest with our costumers as well as our partners. Outstanding through our excellent costumer service, high quality standards and financial stability.

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