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Costa Rica has numerous regions you can visit. Every single one of them has its own unique characteristics and there is roughly a place in this country that is not worth seeing. So no matter to what route you set your heart to you will not be disappointed. Even though Costa Rica is a small country you should make sure to set aside enough time to see as much as possible. We recommend to travel at least for 14 days in Costa Rica to visit more than one region in order to fully experience the variety the country has to offer. Both the rainforests and volcanoes in the inland as well as the wildlife and magnificent beaches on the coasts create a perfect mix and will let you experience a vacation that you will never forget. Let's talk about the different regions so you can get a first impression on what Costa Rica has to offer! Just send us an e-mail and we will send your first offer free of charge and without any obligations. We would happily provide advice to you via phone as well.. Here again free of charge, without any obligations and without any telephone costs on your side.

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