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The weather forecast for Costa Rica is not always as accurate. Since the small country is located in between two oceans it is really hard to predict the weather. So don’t panic when your weather apps predicts rain for the entire trip because we have many hours of sun each day here. Especially during rain season the mornings and early afternoons are usually dry and it only starts to rain in the late afternoon. During dry season we have up to eight hours of sun every day. There is no such thing as ‘the perfect travel time’ for Costa Rica because every season has its advantages. During rain season everything thrives and the forests are super green- true to the motto: It has to rains in the rainforest. Dry season is perfect to spend a few days on the beach, even though there are also differences regarding the weather between the two coasts. We will help you to create an itinerary, which matches your selected date perfectly. We want you to enjoy as much hours of sunshine as possible.

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