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We offer honest consults based on our long term experience with the country. We don’t sell anything that we don’t believe in. When we think that something is not possible or recommendable, we frankly advise against it.

Through contact via email and phone calls, we try to create an offer for you regarding to your wishes and needs. Therefore it is important that you let us know what you wish for as precisely as possible.

We will provide information about the characteristics of the country and try to prepare our clients for the conditions on site in order to not create wrong expectations.

We try to take weather conditions into consideration while planing your trips. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee good weather, but we always try to design the route according to the forecast - this also highly depends on seasons.



With our German, English and Spanish speaking costumer service we are always available to assist and advice you regarding questions, wishes or feedback.
You won't get bored with our specialized deals, but will get to know the beauty of Costa Rica. 

Sustainability is a very important topic to us. Therefore, we select our partners in consideration of that aspect. 
Our team knows the country by heart. We constantly visit hotels and tour providers in order to inspect their services.
We promise to provide a perfectly planed trip which includes amazing hotels and tours.



We admit mistakes in case they happen. We work in all conscience but we are also just human beings. Of course mistakes can occure to us or our partners at times. If that happens we will look for a solution quickly and professionally. 



Nowadays our world is damaged by terrifying amounts of garbage, destroyed environment, species extinction and social diversity.
We try to contribute to a better world: Our selected partners are aware of this problem and also try to make a contribution in order to better the situation. Among other things this includes biodegradable cleaning products, recycling, correct handling of polluted water, education in environment awareness for our team as well as fair salaries.
In our office, we recycle, save water and energy and offer fair salaries and a safe work environment for our employees.
We try to create awareness for the environmental problems and make our contribution (donation for projects, activities) in order to better the social situation within our village. 
We mainly support small local projects in several regions on the country.
We also motivate our clients to make their contribution: Avoid plastic garbage! Don’t use a new plastic bottle every and rather fill it up in your hotel instead. Try to avoid plastic bags and when taking a walk along the beach or in the nature, set an example for locals and other tourists by collecting some garbage.
Beaches around the world that are not cleaned by hotels are full of garbage and it gets worse every year. Only if we start to collect and recycle this garbage, there is a chance of it getting less at some point. Us people are the ones who caused that problem and all of us have take responsibility and find a solution. 

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We stand out through a fair quality-price value However, when consulting with our clients in order to work towards the perfect itinerary, we are in constant contact with the client via email or phone call to adjust the trip to the individual needs and wishes. Just about when we think we found the perfect itinerary, we suddenly receive a mail from the client telling us he/she decided to organize the trip without further assistance from us. 
Of course everyone is at liberty to create and book their trip individually. We know that there are numerous platforms on the internet that allow you to find and book cheap hotels and car rentals.
In comparison to that, sometimes our prices are higher than those on the platforms.
These are the reasons for this difference:
Some online platforms have a dynamic price range that varies depending on availability. Some platforms only list the rooms of hotels that are sold less often. Furthermore the prices shown often don’t include the breakfast or taxes, both which will need to be paid upon arrival.
When it comes to car rentals, the platforms often only display remaining stock or cars that have been discarded from the official stock already.
You can get lucky and get a perfectly fine car but you can also have bad luck and will be stuck with car that has passed its best years or even worse. Image when you have just arrived at the airport and you are told that the car that you have  booked is not available.
Furthermore, features like comprehensive coverage, GPS, cell phone, distance limit or a second driver often need to be booked on site which makes the car a lot more expensive than what it seemed like when booking it. Often the insurance coverage is not the best either.
We, on the other hand, work with selected partners, who don’t have cars in their system that are older than 24 months and also have them serviced regularly. The insurance coverage of the comprehensive coverage without contribution is 2 million US Dollar. 
Our employees receive fair salaries and social security and we also negotiate fair prices with our partners. 

And yes, we have longtime experience which is not only helpful but necessary for planning your journey and that has its price. 

We have to provide for our families through our work (Consulting, creating personalized offers, transactions and quality checks of our providers, emergency service 24/7, and so on)

We guarantee you a honest consultation and that we will do our best that you can lean back and enjoy your holidays in Costa Rica,

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