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Are you longing for a vacation with many exciting activities? No matter if you would like to surf on the pacific or atlantic coast or if you rather participate in a rafting tour on the rivers of Costa Rica, you won’t get bored here. Have you ever zip lined your way through the tropical forest of Costa Rica? Canopy is not for the faint-hearted, adrenalin guaranteed!

Therefore this country has hanging bridges, canoying, tubing and  rappelling to offer- possibilities for every taste of adventure.



Of course every vacation also needs some sort of relaxation. Enjoy the beaches and let your mind thrive. Explore the fascinating under water world while snorkeling along the many riffs or observe wales and dolphins from the boat. The crystal clear water is tempting and you might want to cool off in the ocean. This country comes with a warranty for pure relaxation and memorable impressions!



The tropical forests of Costa Rica not only features an interesting view into wildlife for experts. You will discover it being a magnificent animal paradise with numerous species including birds as well as as butterflies. Almost 25% of Costa Ricas land are protected National Parks which are providing a safe home to all different kinds. One of the highlights are kayaking tours through these areas.



Experience the culture of Central America. The joyful spirit of the locals is infectious and you will be welcomed with open arms for sure. Discover delicious coffee or hot chocolate on one of the exciting tours through the plantations. Talk to locals and learn more impressive facts on the country and their lifestyle- Pura Vida.

Particularly interesting are the cultures of the indigenous peoples of Costa Rica. The Bribi, the Boruca, the Maleku or Quitirrisi- learn more about their history and rituals.

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